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Our MRE COACHING is aimed at people who take responsibility for both their professional and private development and who are looking for professional support.

We firmly believe that both change and personal development can be considered as an easy thing. Everyone has all the knowledge and skills to solve their problems. Sometimes all that is needed is the solution-oriented process support of a coach. Our coaches do not come up with a ready-made solution but rather supports the coachees in finding the best solution for them. We focus on the individual – and always at eye level.

Here are our coaching programs´ main rules:

Volunteering, confidentiality, transparency, having the personal responsibility for both your needs and boundaries.

Our MRE COACHING can be conducted both in person and via video conference. In this way your employees can be as flexible as possible with how they participate in the training.

Our Target Groups

and Exemplary Coaching Topics

Coaching programs can be as diverse and as individual as our clients are.

We therefore do not differentiate between different coaching formats, but rather pick up the coachee

where his or her needs and issues lie -regardless of whether they are managers or employees.



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