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Training is now playing an increasingly important role for companies when dealing with the issue of securing young talents. Applicants become trainees and hopefully they will become the skilled workers and managers of tomorrow. Our specific trainee seminars can help the apprentices develop themselves and be top employees of the next generation. Trainees need to be well-equipped with the skills they need for their job beyond what they learnt at school.

In addition, our trainer programs help ensure that your apprentices receive the best possible training within the further development field.

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Further education is our number one passion. Our customer managers ensure that every single training event is an educational success.

Each training course can be provided with and supported by our 360° customer management concept.

If you would like to have external training for your company, our Managed Training Service is an option for you.

If your training needs are becoming more digital, the MRE Digital Hub can support you with all topics

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